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Restoring the Moor

Three months on from the fires that devastated Saddleworth Moor, the memory is still fresh in the minds of Saddleworth residents who turned out in force to support our fundraising concert last night at St. Chad's Uppermill. We were supported by poems read by Karen Clarke and John Churcher to perform a concert featuring 30 birds of 21 different species. The church was filled with skylarks, cuckoos, nightingales & blackbirds . . . not to mention a turkey and a chicken, in a programme ranging from 1226 (lunchtime!) to the present day. There was a raffle and a game of birdy bingo, and alongside the donations on our Facebook page, has raised a staggering total of £1,052.50 towards the restoration of Saddleworth Moor. There is still time to donate on our Facebook page until 15th October!

The senior RSBP site manager from Dovestone, Dave O'Hara, attended the concert and explained that the monies raised will help recreate the sphagnum moss bogland and create wet gullies to restore the peat areas . . . In other words, make the bog wet again!

Massive thanks to St Chad's church for hosting us, and providing a beautiful venue for a very enjoyable gig. We plan to take our birdy set out on the road again, maybe even to Dovestone itself. For details of future concerts, do keep an eye on our gigs & events page.

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