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New Website launched . . .

The Bailey Sisters have been hard at work on all sorts of things including a brand new website.  We needed something a bit more up to date and easier for us to keep you up to date so this is it!

We have a number of events to keep us busy over the next few months including AlyFest in High Wycombe on 8th September and our Restore the Moor fundraiser on 29th September. Did we tell you there's going to be a raffle?  One of the prizes is a beautiful robin drawn for us and framed . . . 

Isn't he gorgeous?  If ever there was a reason to buy a raffle ticket, it's this beautiful bird!

Other prizes include a Bailey Sisters mug, and some local businesses have donated items for the cause.

We'd better get practising all our birdie songs - Hope to see you there.

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