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 We're not sisters . . . and we don't drink Baileys! The Bailey Sisters are Shelley Rainey, Karen Dyson & Aly Rainey. Karen & Shelley have sung for many years in various choirs, and met through their chamber choir Duodecimo, where Karen sings first soprano, and Shelley second alto. Aly's musical background is mainly orchestral, but she too has a fine singing voice and slots neatly into the mezzo role. We decided to start singing together in 2009 after enjoying several singing courses led by Maddy Prior, Abbie Lathe and Rose Kemp at Stonesbarn in Cumbria. With the addition of Karen's guitar and Aly's fiddle, we offer a wide variety of traditional, self penned and classical material, ranging from 13th Century to the present day. We have become particularly well known for acapella performances which feature strongly on our two studio albums "After Silence, Music", released in 2011, and "Songs from the Distaff Side", released in 2014. The Bailey Sisters are regularly booked to perform live, either as support or headline. We are well known on the folk scene in the North West of England, and are branching out into other parts of the country, including High Wycombe, Reading and London. We look forward to singing somewhere near you very soon . . .
Shelley, Aly & Karen

Photo by Steve Rouse Photographic

To Book The Bailey Sisters, please email pinkfizz@baileysisters.co.uk or call 07958 538999