Welcome to the Bailey Sisters Website.


Our next event will be on Sunday 23rd March 2014 at the Working Class Movement Library in Manchester as part of the Manchester Histories Festival.  The evening concert is a history of the Manchester cotton trade in readings, stories and song.

We will also be singing throughout the afternoon there.

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Our website will soon be redesigned with everything in one place.  This version has some basic information and links.

Please contact us by email if you wish to book us, or purchase a copy of our studio album "After Silence, Music" . . . 


We are working on a new CD for release this Summer 2014 so watch this space for news!  We're very pleased with the results so far.

Our gig schedule for 2014 is listed here.  For the latest news and details of upcoming gigs and events, you may wish to also look at our Facebook page.

For samples of our music, please visit Reverbnation

See you soon!

Karen, Aly & Shelley